Hello and welcome to the new and improved S-Blog. For those who didn’t follow the old blog, I’d like to thank you for your interest in reading my blog and I hope you enjoy it so much so to subscribe to be notified of new posts by entering your email address in the form at the bottom of this post.

For those who don’t know the history of S-Blog, I began blogging at the age of eleven (I’m now 18) under the alias “mango juice kid”, writing short, infrequent posts about things that I liked – trains, video games and more. From there, I began to follow other blogs and this inspired me to take blogging more seriously which I played out by writing longer posts more frequently and making more of an effort to build up a following.

I wrote posts about my thoughts on controversial issues such as the criminal justice system and I also ran a series of posts on what it means to be a martial artist, based on my experience in martial arts as a second degree black belt and instructor of Kuk Sool Won. These posts proved to be hugely successful and I built up a global following, achieving a few hundred unique page views daily.

In 2016, I began sixth form college studying for A Levels in mathematics, physics and sociology, which I have now completed. During this time of studying, the blog went on a hiatus and lost its presence in search engine listings as well as its following. My response to this was to rebuild S Blog bigger and better than ever and with that we have this new website. I am planning on accumulating a new following from scratch (and hopefully some of the old crew will come along too) in order to take this blog in the way of and far beyond the old blog.

With this new blog I plan on bringing over some of the old posts from the old blog over time as well as writing new posts at least once weekly. These posts will have a strong focus on my life and hobbies, with things such as travel posts regarding my European travels this summer as well as insights of a martial artist and posts about my experience in university and eventually my career when it comes to it.

I hope to see you back next week for my first real post on the new blog, and let’s make this good. To be notified of my next post via email, please subscribe using the box below. Thank you!

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Shay Jordan

Mathematics Undergraduate at UEA, Martial Arts Instructor at Kuk Sool Won of Lowestoft, and Blogger.


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